Valentine's Fajitas

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Here's how to wow and woo the one and only next Sunday with an inspirational Valentine's Feast.  A super simple but flavour-packed recipe, give this delectable fajita combo a go for a romantic night in.

The meat
1x pack Valentine's Venison Strips (or a whole tenderloin and slice yourself)
Method: Flash fry for 30 seconds each side

The veggies
2x sweet peppers sliced
1x white onion
1tsp cumin
1tsp smoked paprika
1tsp ground coriander
Method: Toss them all in a frying pan and cook until soft

The Guac
1x avocado
1x tbsp lime juice
1x fresh chilli sliced
Method: Blend together with a fork

The other bits
(keep the admin low - buy these ones in!)
Soured cream
Tomato salsa
A sprinkling of mild cheddar (anything stronger will overpower the venison)
1/2 iceberg lettuce (for a bit of crunch)
3 or 4 tortilla wraps

- Woodmill Tip -

Make sure to warm your wraps for 3 minutes in the oven before serving

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