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Filled to the brim with more game goodies than ever before, and with 3 exciting brand new products ONLY available in the BBQ Bundle, we're back ready for the BBQ season. Summer may seem as if it's a while away at the moment, but this Bundle will cheer you up whatever the weather!

New products exclusive to the BBQ Bundle:

Tandoori Kebab Bites (makes 3 kebabs)

Made with astonishingly tender pieces of venison fillet, this brand new headliner has been marinaded in Tandoori spices with a soothing smothering of yoghurt.

Availability: Summer
Suitable for freezing

Curried Venison Sausages (7 sausages, approx 400g)

A flavour-packed hit of Wild Scottish Venison with a spicy twist. Made with Eastern flavours including cumin and coriander, these hand made bangers will add a kick to any occasion.

Availability: Summer
Suitable for freezing

7oz Buffalo Farm Native Gold beef ribeye steak

This year we're teaming up with The Buffalo Farm to bring you their finest native breed Beef Ribeye Steaks. Matured on the bone for a minimum of 21 days using a traditional dry-aging process for extra tenderness and flavour, this steak has a natural marbling of fat which melts while cooking to create a special juiciness.

Availability: Summer
Suitable for freezing


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