Wild Game BBQ Bundle

Wild Game BBQ Bundle

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The BBQ Bundle is back.

Packed full of our delicious Game BBQ goodies, our bundles include all of Woodmill Game's most scrumptious burgers and sausages fresh and ready for the barbie. We've also teamed up with Fife-based Henderson Meat Specialist and sneaked some of their 32-day aged beef sirloin steaks into each bundle. Choose from two sizes and get that barbie on!

(approx 8 sausages per pack | 4 burgers per pack | steak approx. 220g)


Availability: Summer

Venison products - suitable for freezing

Pheasant products - not suitable for freezing

Venison burgers: Fish, traces of gluten
Pheasant burgers: traces of gluten
Sweet chilli sausages: traces of gluten, soya
Black pudding sausages: traces of gluten, sulphites, fish
Chorizo sausages: milk, traces of gluten
Pheasant & ginger sausages: traces of gluten