Woodmill Game sources and prepares top quality Wild Game to sell at markets, shows and online across Scotland and the UK. We take enormous pride in combining the traditions of game with exciting and innovative foodie ideas and are 100% committed to getting more and more people to discover and enjoy this amazing wild food.

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Wood Pigeon

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Local Wild Game

Game Birds

We have a constant supply of fresh Game birds in season along with our glorious sausages, burgers and pies. Everything here is fantastic for cooking fresh or filling up the freezer.

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Wild Venison

All our venison is sourced through the deer stalking side of our family business and is 100% guaranteed Wild from the highlands and lowlands of Scotland.

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Woodmill Game top-sellers

Pheasant & Ginger Sausages

Hand made by the Woodmill Game team here in Fife, our unique Pheasant & Ginger recipes is a fantastic crowdpleaser. Made with only natural ingredients, they're guaranteed to be nice and juicy.


Wild Venison Pie

Using only the premium haunch meat of the animal, our Wild venison pie is the ultimate crowd pleaser for lunch or tea times. Slow cooked in red wine, cranberry sauce and already oven baked, our pies are ready to go after 15 minutes on a low heat in the oven.


Wild Venison Tenderloin

The ultimate 'fillet steak' of venison. Our tenderloin is meticulously hand finished to eliminate any fibrous or chewy meat, leaving only a delicate and tender cut. Super soft and quick to cook (try our recipe here).