Our Values

Taking the game seriously

At Woodmill we aim to mirror Nature’s ability to regenerate its resources by trying our best to adopt a circular economy model. We want our customers to share these values with us and join us on our journey towards enjoying the unique flavours of the wild in the most sustainable way possible.

Repurposing and minimising waste

After a hard day’s work at the Woodmill processing facility there are inevitably bones and meat cuttings left over. Disposing of these remains comes at a high price - not only the cost of hiring in a company to remove them, but the principle of wasting anything to do with an animal is something we have never felt comfortable with.
The opportunity to address this came in 2019 when we decided that dog food was a viable route for Woodmill Game as a non-profit enterprise. We recognised that it would cost us the same to sell our waste as Dog Food as it would cost to dispose of it, and we would no longer have the conscience factor. Even better, it meant that working dogs involved in the sporting world would be involved in the waste-reducing cycle; so all round a very appropriate and satisfying solution.
After considerable research and development we found a local business that could process the meat for us in line with all the necessary regulations and ingredients, and designed premium packaging that would position the dog food as a quality product to match the rest of our range.  This is available to buy through our online shop and we are extremely proud of this excellent product.
We also sell raw bones for dogs which are very popular - not only is the marrow highly nutritious but bones are great for a dog’s teeth and keeping it occupied!

Compostable Packaging

At Woodmill we are continually searching out the most sustainable packaging materials.  Our first move was to ban anything we could involving polystyrene and move towards anything biodegradable, recyclable or compostable we could find.  There is still some necessary plastic (unavoidable due to food regs) but we now take pride in being able to package our mail order boxes in cardboard and straw, our pie boxes are recyclable and our meat trays can go straight in the compost bin.
The packaging market is evolving all the time and we are permanently on the look out for new innovations to reduce any reliance on nasties.  Inevitably these new products come at a higher price, but we believe that they are absolutely worth it and totally in line with our hill-to-home sustainable ethos.


As a home-delivery business we are highly conscious of our carbon footprint which involves food miles driving from door to door.  For this reason we have introduced a minimum order system to encourage customers to make higher value purchases comprising several products at time rather than single items, so that our ‘miles-per-sausage’ are reduced. 
We also offer people the chance to buy extras from the van while we are at your door which saves extra packaging time and cost.  (We make no profit and even a small loss on the delivery cost, this is accounted for by the packing, packaging, handling and mileage.)