About us


For the past 27 years Woodmill Game - formerly known as The Game Cart - has had a fundamental focus on bringing more game to people’s plates.  Now in 2019, with a fresh new brand and genuine excitement about innovative recipes and ideas, we’re more than ready to get game out there.

The secret is in the sourcing

All our game is 100% wild (never farmed), sourced through our own family deer stalking and game bird processing businesses. This allows us to constantly explore and develop ways to bring exciting and innovative products to our growing base of game fans. 

Steven Wade

Steven set up a small pheasant plucking business in 1992, pioneering the concept of oven-ready birds as a take-home for guns rather than a brace on the feather.  The business now processes some 40,000 birds a season, a high percentage of which are turned into a range of tasty and innovative foods including game sausages, burgers, terrines, salamis and pies. Steven has come to be recognised as an expert in the processing and cooking of game as well as a highly accomplished deer stalker and his fascination and vision for the potential for game is as strong as ever.

Guy Wade

Following in his father’s footsteps, Guy runs the processing team here at Woodmill and has developed a massively successful outlet for game in the form of Screaming Peacock, a successful streetfood company selling wild venison and pheasant burgers across Scotland. With products such as The Screamer, The Scratcher, The Pecker and double fried rosemary fries, the Peacock is making game accessible to a hugely wide and varied audience.