Veni Moussaka

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6 years ago, Steven Wade made enough Venison Moussaka to feed 80 hungry guests at his daughter, Sophie's, 21st Party. Ever since, Sophie's friends have been pleading her for Steven's crowdpleaser... so here it is. 


For the filling
1kg venison mince
3 x garlic cloves
2 x medium onions red or white
400g tinned tomatoes
100g tomato puree
500ml red wine
15g rosemary
30g flour
20g butter/oil
10g cinnamon

For the White Sauce
100g flour
25g butter
500ml milk
75g mature cheese
10g nutmeg
Ground pepper
10g English mustard powder
2 eggs (optional)

1)  Cook the mince until it changes colour then add chopped onion & garlic and continue until onions are soft.

2) Add the flour and cook for 2 minutes then add chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, cinnamon, red wine & thyme and simmer for 5 minutes, stirring regularly.

3) Place in an oven pan/casserole in oven @ 100C for two hours – check half way through to check it's not too dry (add water) or too liquidy (take top off if so)

Woodmill Tip

If you fancy making the meat filling a little more 'convenient', our brand new Rich Veni Mince Game Pot works as a perfect filling for the Moussaka.
4) Cut the aubergines in long strips or circles 5mm-8mm thick, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and fry or bake until golden. You will have to turn them half way through the cooking repeating the drizzle & salt.
Slice the potatoes in rounds 5mm thick and par boil.
5) Cook the flour in butter until it starts to turn colour and slowly introduce the milk stirring all the time. Half way through add the milk add nutmeg & mustard powder. Finally add the cheese until dissolved. Allow to cool for 20 minutes then add eggs blending in well.

6) Layering:
Layer meat 15mm deep in base of oven pan
Layer of potato
Layer of meat 10mm – 15mm
Layer of aubergine
Layer of meat 10mm – 15mm
Layer of Bechemelle 20mm or more if room

7) Cook in oven @ 130C for 50 minutes do not cover.

Perfect for supper (or a party!)


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