Game Bangers & Chunky Mash


While we’re heading into May it’s still not quite warm enough for summer treats, so keep hearty and wholesome with our own special version of bangers and mash.  We are getting rave reviews for  our Wild Game Sausages which come in all sorts of flavour, and this mash goes especially well with our best seller, Pheasant and Ginger.

Serves 4

4 potatoes washed but not peeled
Half a chopped onion
A few strips of fresh ginger
Fresh garlic
Pheasant & Ginger sausages (allow 3-4 per person)
Single cream
Fresh parsley

1) Chop and boil the potatoes. While they’re cooking, fry the onion in butter with the fresh ginger and slices of garlic.
Woodmill Tip
Leaving the skin on the potatoes gives a lovely chunky texture and the skins are full of nourishment. 


2) Once soft enough to mash, drain the potatoes, add in the onion/ginger/garlic mix.  Throw in a handful of roughly chopped parsley, add butter and cream and mash all together.  Don’t worry if it looks lumpy - this is the idea!  

3) Top with a mountain of our absolutely delectable Pheasant and Ginger sausages (fried or grilled). 

Serve with
1) A mild gravy
2) French beans
3) And most importantly, a refreshing beverage. Ahhhh.



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