Venison Kebabs

Tandoori Kebab Bites

Only available in this year's BBQ Bundle, these scrumptious little kebab bites have been slowly marinaded in a blend of punchy eastern spices and calming natural yoghurt. Made with our Wild Venison Fillet, these kebabs are guaranteed to melt in the mouth after a quick flash on the BBQ.

1. Fire up your BBQ and get the temperature high.

2. Soak the wooden skewers for a few minutes in water, the moisture will prevent them from burning (3 skewers included in the Large BBQ Bundle).

3. Line up a selection of your favourite kebab veggies and skewer them one by one between the Venison bites. We recommend cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, courgettes and chestnut mushrooms.

- Woodmill Tip -
When cooking in a traditional Tandoor oven, no oil is added before cooking.  As we like to keep our recipes true to their tradition, we recommend putting them straight on the barbie as is.

4. Once your coals are white hot, place the skewers onto the bbq grill and sear both sides for 1.5 minutes each for medium rare.

5. Serve with tzatziki and a couscous salad.

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