Scottish Stag Complete Meal (12x frozen packs)
Scottish Stag Complete Meal (12x frozen packs)
Scottish Stag Complete Meal (12x frozen packs)
Scottish Stag Complete Meal (12x frozen packs)

Woodmill Game

Scottish Stag Complete Meal (12x frozen packs)

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1x case of 12x 2kg pouches

Item not available as individual packs

New to the Woodmill Game product range is our highly nutritious raw dog food. Made from locally sourced wild carcass, fresh local vegetables, and with specifically chosen oils, fats and nutrients, we have crafted a premium recipe that maintains the working dog in peak condition throughout the season and beyond. We take huge pride in the fact that by using Wild Game as the primary protein source we not only deliver a dog food which has extremely high nutritional value, but also addresses the important issue of ethical Game disposal.

What’s in our Raw Food?

Woodmill Game’s grain-free, protein-packed Raw Stag Dog Food contains an impressively high meat content of 85% wild venison. With a precisely compiled oil and fat content, specially selected essential nutritional additives including 15 different types of vegetable and herbs, and an optimum 2.4% crude ash content, Scottish Stag delivers a nutritionally complete meal for the working dog through one simple, single protein source.


Once the venison trim, ribs, liver and heart has been minced with fresh veg and herbs, the complete meal is packed into our smartly branded 2kg pouches and frozen. The zip-lock bags allow for a clean and easy serving and storage process, with a handy feeding guide on the reverse with advice on how to transition to raw feeding.

Feeding Guide
You should feed your dog 2% its bodyweight per day. See the feeding guide below for reference:

 Weight of dog (kg) Dog food per day (g)
2 40
5 100
10 200
15 300
20 400
25 500
30 600
35 700
40 800
50 900
75 1,000
100 1,100

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