Last BBQ Venison and Whisky Kebabs

¬† ūüď∑ Sooran

As September brings summer to a close, what better way to end the BBQ season than with a proper Scottish Venison kebab with a honey and Whisky glaze? This recipe is perfect to take advantage of the time year; served with local seasonal veggies that compliment the rich game flavour.

Serves 4


For the Kebabs

500g Diced Venison
4 Red and Yellow Bell Peppers, roughly chopped
3 Large Red Onions, in chunks 
200g Chanterelle Mushrooms, halved
2tsp Olive Oil
2tsp Butter
Salt and Pepper, to taste
Bamboo BBQ Skewers


For the Whisky and Honey Glaze

 125g unsalted Butter
4tbsp Honey
¬ľ cup whisky¬†
1 medium garlic clove, crushed



1. Before prepping the ingredients for the kebabs, soak the skewers in water to avoid them burning on the grill.  

 2. Heat a skillet with the oil and the butter at a low heat. Add the bell peppers and cook until softened. Then add the mushrooms and onions and heat for a few minutes before grilling. 

3. While the peppers are cooking, start to prepare the glaze. In a bow placed over a pan with simmering water, melt together the butter, honey and crushed garlic.   Once melted, add the whisky and gently stir until well combined. 

Woodmill Tip
We recommend: Glenlivet 15 year old, for its oak finish that compliments the game flavours.

4. Assemble the Kebab sticks, ensuring each stick has mushrooms, red onion, pepper and venison and brush with the whiskey glaze before placing on the BBQ.

5. Cook for no more than 8 minutes, turning every so often to ensure all sides are cooked, until the meat is caramelised on the outside.

6. Enjoy with a garlic mayonnaise and local vegetables.

Woodmill Tip
We recommend: chicory, Jerusalem artichokes and green beans fried with some salt, butter and garlic until soft. 



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